The Disney Vacations Sweepstake

Here’s another hot one…for all you family folks out there, this is one of our favorites. While we don’t operate this sweepstakes internally, we do love it and try to promote it whenever possible.

Disney, yes Disney!! I can just picture myself sitting on the Haunted House ride with my 4 year old at Disneyland, gearing up for that mildly scary (its actually not scary at all) ride that we all know and love so much. But really i’m in it for the churros and massive turkey legs that follow. Maybe its a cruise you prefer on Disney Cruise Lines? Or maybe its one of their smaller water parks. Whatever you’re into, this one is unique and allows for some customization. You are essentially entering to win $5k towards a Disney Vacation. This could be any of their various programs from theme parks like Disney World and Disneyland to their more unique experiences like Disney Adventurers, and Disney Cruise lines. Good luck, and make sure you pack comfortable shoes! See you at Space Mountain!

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Damn, That Wheel Is Hot!

Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday. I’m still recovering from annoying family, too much wine, and a fridge filled with colored eggs so i’ll keep it short and sweet. Late last week we unveiled The Wheel of Prizes and opened up this sweepstakes funnel to our blog readers only. Thank you all for the outpouring of positive feedback, while we personally got a kick out of this new way of presenting sweepstakes, we had no idea the how excited our followers would be.

In light of this success, we’re opening this baby up for our blog readers for an additional spin before we let the rest of the public jump in. Here you go, have at it!

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Win Two Tickets To NCAA Final Four – $1000.00 Value

This is a good one, hot off the press! As we’re all finalizing our NCAA brackets for tomorrow’s kickoff of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney, why not get into some action with a blisteringly hot sweepstakes? Considering my Arizona Wildcats are a very popular pick as a 2nd seed to make it to the Final Four this year, I’ll definitely be entering this sweepstakes.

Ok, here’s the deal, you are entering for a chance to win 2 tickets to the Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Arena April 1-3rd. This doesn’t include travel or lodging, but does have a value of $1000.00!

But here’s the kicker: along with the tickets the winner will receive 2 jerseys of their choice. For me this makes it personal, I could really use some new jerseys…i’m literally sitting here typing this wearing my 17 year old beat up jersey I bought over 20 years ago! Let’s go Wildcats!

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