What makes a good sweepstakes?

I get asked that question all the time….it goes something like this “Hey Sweepy, how do I know which sweepstakes are good and which are scams?”  These days, its tougher and tougher to answer that question, so you really have to do your research.

Here’s what I do before getting into a new sweepstakes.  Now, you don’t have to do this, its more of a ritual for me as I am involved in blogging and writing about the industry.  **Disclaimer – remember, these things are supposed to FUN!  What i’m about to show you is not fun, haha, so lets not loose sight of why we play lotto or sweeps, we are trying to have fun!

Lets start with 3 rules today and then later this week I’ll give you the last 3 rules which are really the ones to focus on.  Sorry for the cliffhanger, but we have to pay the bills here too!

  1. Site – check the site, look around, are the links all active, are there any broken links or pages? Do you see 404 redirect pages, or outdated material?  That’s usually a good sign that you may want to poke around a bit more.
  2. Rules – by law, every sweepstakes must have a long-form rules page explaining how winners are picked, how many, when, and what your odds of winning are (more on this later).  You don’t have to get into the weed here, you can usually get your answers just by poking around the first 4 paragraphs.
  3. Location, Location, Location – I do not play sweeps from outside the US.  Strike that, I actually have played Canadian sweeps and once played a Mexican sweepstakes. OK, but the idea is that you should focus on U.S. competitions as they are regulated far more then other countries.  Or at least in terms of the regulations we are familiar with.

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They Call Me the Luckiest Man on Earth

I have been called the luckiest man on earth at certain points in my life.  I don’t feel so lucky usually on a daily basis, I tend to get loads of bad luck in my personal life like most of you do.  I’m divorced, and have had some health issues over the years, as I’m sure many of you have experienced as well.  But I am very lucky when it comes to one thing: Winning Sweepstakes!

I love a good sweepstakes, I’m also a sucker for a good lottery, so even when the odds are stacked against me, I know there is always a chance to win.  I’m not going to sit here and say that everyone is going to be a winner, because we know that’s not possible or there wouldn’t be any actual “action” if that were the case.

Sweepstakes are nostalgic to me, and remind me of the good old days.  The days when everyone didn’t get a trophy for participation, the days when kids could still play dodgeball, the days where everyone didn’t have to be so politically correct and the days where everyone has a chance, but only ONE person wins.  As my dad used to say, and I still live by this, second place is FIRST LOSER!  Sweepstakes are for winners, not for participation, so it’s important you take the process serious.

I enjoy the action and have learned it’s a numbers game.  As a past winner of numerous sweepstakes over the years (47 and counting), that’s what keeps me coming back for more action!  There’s always a chance to win when you’re playing a sweepstakes presented from a reputable source (I’ll be sure to point you towards the good guys and away from the bad guys in the sweeps world).  I won my first sweepstakes on iGiveAwayPrizes.com a few months ago and was given the opportunity to start writing a blog for IGAP , that’s after years of playing sweepstakes ranging from product giveaways to cash, and even a trip to a cheese factory believe it or not!  I’ve won a week-long all expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean, a trip to Disneyland with the family, and even a grocery store shopping spree!  There have been gun sweeps, the opportunity to be the MC at a circus, and the first one to ride a brand-new rollercoaster at a major theme park.  My favorite sweep that I won allowed me the opportunity to fly on the supersonic Concord commercial jet (I may be dating myself here as the Concord no longer flies).  I’ve done it all and I don’t regret a minute I spent playing these sweepstakes over the course of the last 30 years.

I decided to write this blog to impart some of my experiences, stories, and most importantly share with you the best sweepstakes out there so you can have the same chances I did.  I will be brutally honest, I will be negative from time to time, but most of all, I will point you in the direction towards the best sweepstakes available.  These sweepstakes may be simple cash giveaways like PCH, awesome sports experiences like a March Madness trip, or even daily sweeps that offer $100 per day payouts.

Are you ready?  Let’s go!